2023 PUNCH Immersion Training Programme

It was an engaging week for the new set of journalists of PUNCH Newspapers as they converged at the headquarters of the media house, PUNCH Place, Magboro, Ogun State, for a two-week training beginning from Monday, 17 July 2023. The training hosted by Punch Nigeria Limited, in collaboration with PUNCH Media Foundation, seeks to build the capacity of PUNCH journalists, positioning them as change agents and effective watchdogs in the media space through impactful storytelling.

The training commenced with an orientation programme that gave participants general knowledge about Punch Nigeria Limited. Among other things, the history and culture of PUNCH, a walk through PUNCH’s handbook, and an introduction to the board and management of PUNCH were the highlights of the orientation. Also, heads of departments had the opportunity to make presentations about what they do in their department and how their functions concern participants.

Punch Immersion Training Programme
Punch Immersion Training Programme
Punch Immersion Training Programme

The orientation program was an outstanding success, highlighted by the insightful presentations delivered by the heads of each department, who eloquently articulated their crucial roles within the organization.

Participants of the training, comprising new reporters and experienced journalists, had so much to glean from the various sessions of the training facilitated by media experts, including Dayo Aiyetan of the International Centre for Investigative Reporting, Maureen Popoola of the Nigerian Institute of Journalism and Wale Fatade of The Conversation Africa, among others. Sessions on news reporting and writing, story ideation, exclusive reporting, and journalism ethics, among others, gave participants a practical insight into journalism.

Mr Wale Fatade provided insights into crafting persuasive and concise pitches that effectively communicate the essence of a story.

Dr Jide Johnson took participants through the basics of news writing, highlighting that any journalist who does not seek mastery in the art of writing by reading the works of great writers has no business in journalism. Also, Lekan Adetayo captivated the participants in a hands-on session he facilitated on news writing as practised in PUNCH Newspapers. Additionally, Fisayo Soyombo while addressing the fundamentals of investigative journalism, charged participants to dig deep into issues and not just take them at face value.

Dr Jide Johnson
The first session of the day began with an enlightening and detailed exploration of news writing by Dr Jide Johnson.
Dirisu Yakubu
After an exhilarating first day of learning, Day 2 has kicked off with an energising atmosphere!

Aside from the plenary sessions, participants engaged in various break-out activities that encouraged learning and allowed intermingling. The Shared Experience Series that featured Olusola Fabiyi, the Editor, Weekend Titles of PUNCH Newspapers, would remain in the memory of participants for a long time to come as the guest passionately spoke about the sacrifices of a typical journalist citing practical instances of his career experience. This and more intriguing sessions which took place in the first week of the training, made both the participants and the organisers anticipate another training week with high hope.

Olusola Fabiyi
Punch Media Foundation Training

As the 2023 Punch Immersion Training Programme draws to a close, we are delighted to share with you a collection of captivating images that vividly portray the essence and energy of the previously concluded sessions by facilitators. The images and video clips below serve as relived memories, showcasing the valuable knowledge and experiences gained during this enriching training programme.

Punch Immersion Training Programme
The Analysis & Opinion Writing session led by the remarkable Mr Joel Nwokeoma truly packed a PUNCH!
Punch Immersion Training Programme
Mr. David Ajikobi who led an eye-opening exploration of Fact-Checking Basics.
Punch Immersion Training Programme
Participants were privileged to engage in a transformative session led by the esteemed Mr. Olumide Iyanda, centered around the art of conducting interviews.
breakout sessions have become a source of excitement and enrichment for participants, and the latest one on fact-checking was no exception!
Fisayo Soyombo
Participants eagerly immersed themselves in the art of crafting engaging and impactful website content led by Fisayo Soyombo
Obafemi Obadare
Mr. Obafemi Obadare, an esteemed figure in the world of journalism, took the stage to impart his wisdom on the iconic PUNCH Writing Style
Lanre Balogun
The PUNCH Immersion Training Programme continued its journey of knowledge and exploration on Day 8 with a captivating session on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Content Development
Kirk Leigh
AI Driven Newsroom Session by Mr Kirk Leigh

Through the lens of the camera, these beautiful moments are immortalized, becoming cherished memories of a transformative Journey. Each Snapshot captures the essence of the PUNCH Immersion Training Programme- a journey of growth, excellence and making a positive impact through the power of storytelling.

Yemi Kolapo
Punch Immersion Training
Participants during the Shared experience series with Mrs Yemi Kolapo
Yinka Egbokhare
Shared experience session unveiled a captivating journey spanning four decades—a tapestry woven with brilliance, dedication, and boundless passion for excellence and beyond with Mr Gbemiga Ogunleye.
Angela Onwuzoo
Dr Olalekan Adelakun
Punch Media Foundation

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