Driving sustainable
social change through
media and advocacy

About our foundation

The PUNCH Media Foundation (PMF) is a non-governmental nonprofit organisation established in 2019 with a mission to stimulate a just, inclusive, and thriving civic space using the instrument of accountability journalism, public policy advocacy, and media development.

The PMF is the development arm of the PUNCH Nigeria Limited, publishers of The PUNCH, Saturday PUNCH, Sunday PUNCH and PUNCH Online.

Our Focus Area

Media Freedom

To promote press freedom as an inalienable right of our society and to advocate for the protection of this freedom by educating citizens about its importance and encouraging journalists and non-journalists to pay attention to media issues

Public Policy Advocacy

To encourage debate on public policy, advocate value-based leadership and engender good governance for the benefit of the citizens in particular and the nation in general

Investigative Journalism

To promote the consistent deployment of investigative and enterprise journalism tools for interrogating policies, programmes, and projects of government, highlighting shortcomings and abuse, promoting good, accountable and responsible governance and ensuring that society’s most vulnerable groups are protected and their voices heard

Media Development

To provide a forum for training, coaching and mentoring of journalists, young and old, with the aim of helping journalists to develop the critical capacities in solutions and evidence-based journalism required for optimal performance


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